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Causes of neck pain

Neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints we help people recover from, with upwards of 80% of the population having had at least one bout of pain. Like back pain, people don’t often know the effect it…

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Pilates for Back Pain

Many of us are all too familiar with back pain. Lower back pain can especially affect most people at some point throughout their lives. In a large number of cases however, Pilates can drastically reduce and alleviate back pain. The neutral…

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What is Pilates?

There are many different benefits to regularly practicing Pilates. Pilates aims to strengthen the body with a particular focus on core strength and stability. Pilates can also improve general fitness and overall well being.   Pilates can be practiced by all people…

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Physio Myths

As a Physio, I talk to a lot of people about one thing or another during treatment (I confess, I am quite chatty) and occasionally the topic of  previous physio experiences pops up or fears of what is in store…

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Nutritional Therapy Review :)

We do the work we do so we can help people to improve their quality of life, pain, energy levels etc and it is wonderful when we get reviews like this from one of Rebecca's Nutritional Therapy clients: Chris ''As a…

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