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The Running Injury clinic

The Running Injury Clinic is here to provide you with all the information you require, to help you with your runs from start to finish. Providing you with details on how to get into running, strength and conditioning advice and top tips on how to avoid injuries (as well as much more), the Running Injury Clinic can be utilised by both running beginners and those more advanced. We also offer injury assessments, gait analysis and rehabilitation advice specific to runners, and tailored to you.


The Reform team are all skilled in the treatment of sporting injuries, however, Luke’s 10 year fascination with lower limb biomechanics has made him our running injuries expert. Having worked side by side with podiatrists for 6 years prior to opening Reform, Luke gained invaluable knowledge on foot and lower limb mechanics, gait analysis and orthotic prescription.

What do we offer

We offer thorough Running Injury Assessments, Gait Analysis, Orthotic prescription, Rehab advice and hands-on treatment!


A gait analysis lasts around 75 minutes and enables us to look at form and function, from foot mechanics and stride pattern, to core and upper limb mobility. We conduct a full and comprehensive assessment before even going near the treadmill, as by then we have a good idea of the areas of weakness we might find when you run. 


The rehab is completely individualised, but will usually consist of strength and conditioning advice, mobility drills and running tips/form changes if needed. We also discuss footwear, stretching and, very occasionally, orthotics to help you on your path to recovery. 

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