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Does Stretching Actually Benefit Us?

Does Stretching Actually Benefit Us?   The idea that we should stretch our muscles before and after physical activity is widely considered the done thing. We stretch to avoid and recover from injuries, to improve our performance and flexibility and…

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Importance of Gait Analysis

What is Gait Analysis? Gait analysis is a way of identifying potential biomechanical or movement faults when you are walking/running. It is most commonly used when getting a pair of new running shoes, however at Reform we look at the…

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Strength and Conditioning for Runners

Strength and Conditioning Strength training is very beneficial for runners. Having stronger muscles in your legs allows you to deliver more power when running, plus strengthening connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) can make you less prone to injury. It is…

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Man Stretching For Knee Pain

Most Common Running Injuries

Most Common Running Injuries Regular running can lead to the development of some common running injuries. These injuries can be both acute and chronic, making running uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable. It is important to have any injuries assessed by a…

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Healthy Eating

 As a Nutritional Therapist, ‘healthy eating’ is a subject that is extremely close to my heart, through my own experience, I cannot stress enough how important eating healthy foods is. Many think it’s all about ‘diet’ personally I don’t like…

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Runners Knee/PFPS

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) or more commonly known as “Runner’s Knee” is a syndrome characterised by pain around/under the knee cap. Runner’s Knee is not actually something that only happens to runners (just as “Tennis Elbow” is very often unrelated…

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How to run faster- Plyometrics Explained!

Plyometrics as a term was introduced in 1975 by an American track and field coach called Fred Wilt. Although coined in 1975, plyometric exercises were being used in the 60’s by Soviet athletes and this was what led Fred to…

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