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NRunning Injuries

As a clinic we treat a wide range of different ailments from foot and ankle pain to neck pain and headaches however we also specialise in the treatment of runners and running injuries. Luke is our gait and running injuries specialist and understands the impact running can have on peoples lives (and more importantly the effect not running can have when injured)

Luke does the detailed gait assessments which can be fundamental in establishing possible reasons for your aches and pains and can help to find underlying mechanical reasons for issues that have been ongoing for some time.

The assessment also includes a full and detailed examination of factors such as:

Limb length

Muscle strength

Muscle tension

Spinal mobility

Ankle, knee, hip mobility

Core stability

Dynamic control and balance

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These factors have a major impact on the way we move and subscequent injury rate and can affect the way we heal after injury.

Treatment can include:



Exercise therapy

Gait re:education

Trainer advice

Insole advice

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