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Hi again, I hope we are all keeping fit and well? It’s mental health awareness week and I thought this would be a fitting time to talk about wellbeing with some top tips from Gemma (a personal and business coach).


“You can’t pour from an empty cup” – How
to maintain focus on your own well-being.


Over recent weeks we have been living in extremely challenging times. Our fear over our health, our loved ones and our jobs has hit new limits. Layer on top of that the speed of change, social distancing, the deluge of news,social media chatter and the continued uncertainty, and our ability to stay focused begins to wane.

We are experiencing a unique insight into how we manage our well-being under this amount of change. Our routines have flipped – our homes have become our workplaces, our front room is now the school, the bedroom is the gym and we’re all working and living on top of each other.

For some, this new regime has been a gift. Those who find themselves with extra hours in the day have been able to prioritise some new well-being activities and try new things. For others, this time is proving extremely stressful and disruptive with increased pressure on their own time.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, one thing is the same for all of us. We are living differently to how we were before. So how can we navigate this change whilst still maintaining some sort of consistency with our own well-being?

  1. Self-awareness – It can be very tempting to get distracted by what others are doing and jump on their bandwagon. Spend some time defining what well-being means to you personally and remain focused on this. Remember, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.
  2. Start small – Small, incremental changes to well-being routines are easier to maintain and have an increased chance of success. Rather creating an overwhelming, detailed plan, start with one goal at a time. See how that goes and build from there.
  3. Attend your own needs first – it feels counterintuitive to many of us, but in putting yourself first you ensure you perform at your best and be there for others. Recognise what is draining your energy and take action to rebuild your strength. Prioritising your self-care (in whatever form that looks like to you) will help stay stronger for longer.
  4. Celebrate – Our minds automatically focus on the negative and often this means the things we haven’t done. Instead, give yourself a boost by noticing what you have done for you – however small it may seem.
  5. Always kindness – Negative self-talk, berating yourself and cycles of self-doubt are not helpful and will be exhausting. When you find yourself talking this way, try to turn the words into words of kindness. Be gracious, be gentle. Recognise the things you are thankful for. Journalling or meditating can be a great way to give yourself a bit of space to make sense of your thoughts.
Gemma Brown – a personal coach who helps you prioritise your well-being and live a life with increased direction, purpose and authenticity – shares tips to maintain your focus on your self-care routine particularly at times of rapid change.

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