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How To Avoid Shrivelling Up Into A Ball At Home!

How to avoid shrivelling up into a ball at home!

In this strange situation we find ourselves in we need to adapt to firstly keep sane and to secondly keep our bodies fit and well!

Let’s not let staying at home dampen our spirits 😊, use this as a time to refocus our energies on something new or something we have been meaning to do but have never gotten around to doing!

I have had chance to spend a lot more time with my daughter (Now 1 year old!), playing in the garden, practicing walking, balancing on the gym ball, doing some baby exercise!

Why should we bother staying fit in these times?? Well let me tell you…………..Staying fit is synonymous with staying healthy. And both are key to maintaining a heathy mind 😊

We must not forget that exercise lowers the risk of developing many long term health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers so try not to rest on your laurels all day. If you have a garden make the most of it with odd jobs, pruning, mowing etc etc! (albeit please don’t put your back out at this present moment as I am not there to put you back together). Go out for your daily exercise if you can (walk, cycle, run- whatever!). If you see someone coming on the path in front you, cross over, not only increasing distance but keeping you virus free.

Exercise has also been shown to boost self esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

Luke’s 5 simple ways of keeping mobile when in lockdown

  1. Sit to stand 5 times before sitting on the sofa
  2. Go up and down your stairs 3 times every time. This will also serve to stop you forgetting things 😉
  3. Get 2 water bottles (or bean tins) , one in each hand and push your arms up to the ceiling 20 times.
  4. Wall pressing- do a press up against the wall and repeat 20 times
  5. 20 heel raises. (up and down on those tip toes!!)

Luke’s more advanced tips for keeping strong when in lockdown

  1. Consider walking lunges as your 10 yard commute
  2. Run on the spot and if you feel adventurous lift those knees up and keep it up for 30 seconds, repeat 5 times.
  3. Why not sit to stand 10 times before the final sit to work?
  4. Challenge yourself with a working ski sit (hover over your chair and hold for 30 seconds if you can)
  5. Use a wall to do x20 wall presses (press up on a wall)
  6. Get your favourite tunes on for 30mins and SIIIIIINNG LOUDLY! Get those lungs expanding and you may even get the neighbours joining in through the wall 😊

These are a few that some of you will have no problems doing. Of course make sure that whatever you do it is within your fitness and ability limits. Why not call me or pop me an email if you want me to go through anything specific for you (07399499959) or

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