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Causes of neck pain

Neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints we help people recover from, with upwards of 80% of the population having had at least one bout of pain.

Like back pain, people don’t often know the effect it has on our ability to carry out normal day to day tasks (such as the ability to turn your head when driving or looking up to get the washing off the line).


Neck pain can also cause referral pain into the arms much like sciatica in the legs which can lead to tingling and numbness as well as weakness and loss of function if very severe.

Common causes of neck pain


Relating to stiffness in the muscles connecting to your neck. This can come as a result of postures over time or due to a muscle strain.

Facet Joints

These are small joints located at every spinal level which enable you to turn and move your head in every which direction (not quite the 360 degrees or an owl but still not bad)

Trapped Nerve

The nerves that supply your arms leave the spinal cord via small holes between the vertebra either side of the spine. Click Here to read more.


Whiplash as a general term is used to describe injuries related to sudden acceleration and deceleration forces, leading to tissue damage.


Often referred to as ‘wear and tear’ but quite frankly it is just like getting grey hair, we all get it just at different points. It can be related to pain but not always so we try not to overplay this.

What structures are involved in neck pain?

Honestly, anything that has a nerve supply: ligaments, tendons, nerves, bone, muscle, discs.

How can Physio help?

At Reform Physio we know the impact neck pain can have on your daily life, at work or at home so we always assess and treat every case as individual as to get you started on the most tailored treatment plan. We assess you first to see what structure is likely to cause your pain and the use a range of manual treatment techniques and exercises to help reduce your pain.

Manual therapy techniques can include:




trigger point therapy


Other techniques

We will also give you our expert advice on how to manage the condition and how to get back to your normal activities quickly!

For more info call or email us:



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