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Emma Stanley

Pilates Instructor


Favourite Things To Treat:

Low back pain

Injury prevention

Mat Pilates

Emma is a level 3 Mat Pilates teacher and fitness instructor, and has been teaching a wide range of classes for the last 8 years. Emma practised Pilates throughout her dance career, making the decision to train as a teacher after reading English Literature at university.

Emma has coached a wide range of clients and athletes, having taught at numerous different gyms, for the University department of Sport, as well as several colleges  and schools in Cambridge. As a result, Emma has considerable experience dealing with various different injuries, and has a special interest in back rehabilitation. Emma has helped a large number of clients recover from back pain, whilst simultaneously working towards minimising the risk of future injury.

Emma believes that there are many different benefits to regularly practising Pilates. Many clients have attributed a stronger and more stable core, greater joint mobility and overall wellbeing to Pilates. Through regular practice, many of Emma’s clients have experienced an improved level of athleticism which positively contributes to their daily lifestyle.

Services: Pilates 

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