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Korina Wilde


Korina qualified a physiotherapist from Brunel University London in 2017. She studied part time while working in amputee rehabilitation, which armed her with an excellent background knowledge of healing, recovery from injury, compensatory patterns and adaptability as well as the amazing resilience of the human body!

She has since worked at Royal Papworth and University College of London Hospitals, gaining insight and experience in a wide range of specialities, developing a solid and well-rounded skill set that she is able to draw from in her daily private practice.

She is a certified member of the acupuncture association of chartered physiotherapists, CSP and HCPC and regularly uses elements of clinical pilates, yoga and hydrotherapy in her exercise prescription.

Her primary focus is reducing pain and teaching simple strategies to help patients independently control their symptoms with confidence.

A strong believer in the power of the right exercise, she uses a personalised, holistic approach looking at the body as a whole, examining muscular strength, stamina and patterning as well as breathing patterns, lifestyle factors and stress levels, to identify the root cause of the issue in the pursuit of a lasting, long-term resolution.

She establishes positive goals from the first appointment and will continuously coach and educate each client towards achieving their best possible outcome through targeted exercise plans, individualised to every ability level, preference, and timetable!

She has a special interest in the link between mind and body in relation to patients with sports injuries, recurring and chronic pain and long term health issues such as hypermobility, fibromyalgia and rheumatic/inflammatory conditions, all of which often have a strong connection to mental health and wellbeing.

She understands personally, (after recovering from a nasty ski accident last year) the importance of returning to function after injury or illness and the impact a delayed recovery can have on wellbeing and happiness, and finds it hugely rewarding teaching patients how to take back control of their body from niggles, pains and disability.

Services : Physiotherapy

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