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Amber Murray

(Sports Therapist)

Amber Murray Sports Therapist

Amber graduated from Buckinghamshire New University in 2021 after studying Sports Therapy. Having studied the musculo-skeletal system for 3 years, Amber can effectively assess, treat and rehabilitate any muscle, joint, bone or neural pain. Whilst studying, Amber gained a Level 4 qualification in sports massage which she can utilise and incorporate into your recovery. Amber also regularly increases her knowledge through continued professional development.

During her time at University, Amber gained lots of sports therapy experience in a number of fields including clinics and sports teams such as Wycombe Wanderers FC. This exposure to a variety of clinicians and patients, stands her in good stead to diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries and pains.

Despite the title, ‘sports therapist’, you do not need to play a sport in order to visit Amber. Amber can help prevent, diagnose and treat any aches or pains within the body; as well as helping to increase joint mobility, increase strength and develop and improve balance.

Outside of work, Amber enjoys playing a variety of sports and watching live football games.

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What to expect from your appointment with Amber?

When you walk into your appointment, you will be greeted with kindness and compassion from Amber. After a quick chat, Amber will begin the subjective assessment which includes taking notes on what the injury/pain is, how it happened and some background information on both yourself and the injury. Following this, Amber will ask you to perform a range of movements to try and decipher what is causing the pain. As well as this, Amber will ask for your consent to perform these movements for you. After hearing from you and seeing which movements bring on pain, Amber will decide on the most effective treatment method for you. Finally, you will be given some rehab exercises to increase your range of motion, decrease your pain or increase your strength around the injured area.

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